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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Smart Tags

Hello again, I know it has been awhile but here's something that I'll bet you have seen but may not really understand the significance thereof...Smart Tags

Starting with Office 2002 (also called XP) Microsoft added a new feature to the Office Applications called Smart Tags. Upon completing an action (such as Paste or Insert) and Icon related to the action (such as a Paste Options Smart Tag (Clipboard icon on a button) in the event of a Paste action) appears on the screen. You can ignore the button, keep on working and it will go away. If you move your cursor over the button you will see a down arrow. Click on the down arrow and you will see a list of options. The idea is when you perform an action, Microsoft has decided for you what happens by default but the Smart Tag is to offer you other options. You ought to at least look at the options to see what your choices are, you may be surprised as to the number of options. For example, in Excel, the Paste Smart Tag has 9 (yep, 9)different options as to what may happen when you Paste!

For those of you who have "been around awhile" you may have known about the Edit>Paste Special command. After a cut or copy, you could choose Edit>Paste Special from the menu and you would be presented with many options as what to do upon Paste. I suspect MS's intent was to provide a way to have options related to an action more "up front" or obvious by using the Smart Tag concept (no personal communication with Bill Gates and his team).

Check it out...I believe it's always good to know what your options are!!

Now just make a decision!

Have fun in the meantime until next time, Joel